If you are already aware of the pharmacy prescription process and meaning then you must know that there are some strict rules about prescription fillings and you may need to adhere to all the guidelines by the MPAP. According to the Maryland Prescription Assistance Program, you may have a regular uncut supply of prescription fillings with the coordination of your pharmacy and the insurance program, so you won’t miss your regular medicine anytime. If you are confused about if you can fill a prescription online or how to get a regular prescription filling? Just contact your insurance providers to name some reputable pharmacies and you can sign up for a premium shipment package where they keep track of your prescriptions and they ship the prescriptions at the right time as soon as they are going to be ended.

However, if you want an early refilling of your prescriptions due to any reason, you may need to revisit the prescription refill too soon rules because normally you can’t get a prescription refilled early except for some specific situations. So, let’s see all the possibilities and the means of getting an early refilling of the prescriptions.

Can I Get a Prescription Refilled Early?

Yes but you need to meet some certain requirements or conditions where you may get your prescriptions refilled early; however, you cannot get an early prescription refilling for the controlled drugs as they are strictly monitored and only available at a right time according to the authorized prescription.

How to Get a Prescription Refilled Early?

There are some strict early prescription refill laws that need to be adhered to have a refill prescription earlier than a routined schedule. According to the early prescription refill laws, you need to meet some certain conditions to get an advanced prescription refilling.

Following are some certain conditions or reasons where you may get an early prescription refilling of the uncontrollable drugs.

1) Your Medication Is Lost

According to prescription refill too soon rules, if your current medication is lost somewhere where you are on verge of missing your regular medication, you may get your prescription refilled early but you need to adhere to your insurance provider’s policy. If your insurance is willing to compensate for your loss, you may get an easy refilling. Furthermore, you need to submit a police report of missing prescription while applying for an early refill prescription. Once all the formalities are done, you may get an early prescription refilling and sometimes you need to pay from your pocket for early refilling because your insurance provider won’t have such a policy.

2) Your Medication Has Been Stolen

If you have been a victim of a robbery or theft, you may need to file a police report of that mishap and after some legal formalities, you are allowed to apply for an early refill according to prescription refill too soon rules; however, you may provide all the legal documents like police report with the refill request.

3) You Are Traveling to a Distant Place

Prescription refilling too soon rules also include a distant traveling in it. It means if you are going to have a long trip for some weeks to a distant place where your pharmacy won’t be able to ship you your medications, you can ask them for an early refilling of your prescription, so you may not miss your medication while traveling; however, you may still need to provide some valid reasoning and some valid details about your trip.

4) You Are Expecting a Weather Emergency

If you are expecting a weather emergency in your area and weather forecast is also alarming you to be prepared for some days or weeks, you may call your pharmacy to refill your next medication early, so you won’t have to miss your regular medication due to some weather emergency, bad weather or road blocks or jammed network etc. If they also agree that bad weather is expected within the next 2-3 days, they may refill your prescription early and ship it right at your doorstep because they also don’t want to face bad weather while delivering medications in stormy weather.

Which Medicines Can You Get a Prescription Refilled Early For?

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You can get only those medications refilled early that are not listed in a controlled category. Early prescription refill laws are also aligned with the prescription laws in Maryland and they don’t allow drug abuse or the having an overdose of a controlled drug to anyone. So, you may not get an early prescription refilling of the controlled drugs; however, normal medications that are not controlled drugs can be refilled in case of some urgency or exception.

If your whole medication kit is stolen or lost including the controlled drugs, you may need to file a police report and you may need to have a recent drug test too, so they may confirm that you have not consumed the drug early, so after all the tests and legal confirmation, you may get your whole prescription refilled but still getting a controlled medication refilled early in too difficult.

How Many Days Early Can I Refill a Prescription?

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Generally there is a 2 days rule in the early prescription refill laws. It states that you may get your early prescription refilling just the 2 days before it is going to expire or finish. In other words, you may ask for an early refill prescription just 2 days before the routined schedule even if you are facing any emergency or you want an emergency backup after seeing a bad weather forecast.

If you are signed up with a well known pharmacy like Knowless, you can ask to refill a prescription online in Maryland, Kensington every time you need an early prescription refiling so you won’t miss any single dose of your regular medication. Your pharmacy providers may be well alerted by the management information systems that keep record of all your prescription filling, so you should not be worried about refilling if you are signed up with a good pharmacy.