Our Staff

Stavawn Adams

Stavawn Adams CPht.

Compounding Laboratory Manager

As Compounding Manager at Knowles Apothecary, my Role is to onboard Pharmacy Technicians. Preparing our Team for a career in the wonderful world of compounding, I train our compounders to be efficient in knowledge and skill for the position.

I have a background in the Veterinary field which helps me acclimate our team in understanding Veterinary Compounding. Familiarity with flavor(s), dose forms, and the textures our Pet Patients love to help us to produce good quality products.

We hold a high value on relationships with our Patients, Doctors, and Veterinary Offices. Helping our customers and giving the best care possible is the goal. These values help us to produce Compounding Solutions for everyone, making sure medications are compounded specifically for each patient when they need them.

I grew up in Montgomery County and lived in Maryland all my life. When I am not working. I enjoy long walks, reading, old-school music, good food, and working on projects. I also enjoy spending time with my family as I am a Wife and Mother to a wonderful Husband and a very special tween daughter. Last but certainly not least I have two kitties, Charlie and Tigger as they are part of my family as well.

Julia Wojtowicz

Julia Wojtowicz, R.Ph.

Julia Wojtowicz, R.Ph., graduated from College of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Warsaw, European Union, where she earned her Master’s degree in Pharmacy in 2008. She received an extensive training in pharmaceutical compounding and herbal medicine. After relocating to USA, she completed the FPGEE internship program and became a Board Certified Pharmacist in 2012.
Julia has over 12 years of experience in US Pharmacopeia-compliant drug compounding for geriatric, adult, pediatric, and veterinary use. She is excited about compounding as it allows her to provide specialized medications to wide variety of patients following PCCA guidelines and PCAB standards. She enjoys working closely with doctors and veterinarians to find the best treatment options for their patients. She has been with Knowles Apothecary since 2009.
While not working, Julia enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two kids. She loves hiking, biking, ice-skating or just having fun on the playground with her kids.

Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva CPht

Laboratory Compounder

I’ve been a Compounder here at Knowles for many years. I enjoy making capsules best as it is challenging and therapeutic. When I am not working I enjoy going to the dog park with my American Bulldog “Stitch” and spending time with my two beautiful kids.

Victor Eo

Seungil “Victor” Eo

Laboratory Compounder

I have been with the Knowles Team for about 6 years and enjoy all the relationships I have with my colleagues. I received my Bachelors of Pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy in Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea in 1998.

When not working I enjoy going on retreats, cooking, and being with my family. I have a beautiful wife and two very inquisitive daughters that keep me busy.

Kim Ngan

Kim Ngan

Laboratory Compounder

My name is Kim Ngan Le I been a pharmacy technician for 9 years now. I started my career as a pharmacy technician in retail then I transition to inpatient pharmacy at a hospital in Baltimore city. I been a compounder with Knowles apothecary since Dec 2020. I love to draw, play piano and read books. My aspirations in life is to one day be able to travel back to my home land of Vietnam to build schools for the orphans and provide free education for the children in rural areas of the country.

Ben Eckhardt

Ben Eckhardt

Hi there I’m Ben. I’m a certified pharmacy technician here at Knowles Apothecary since August 2019. I enjoy disc golf, fishing, and reading after work and weekends.

Jessie Nibbler

Clinical Herbalist

Jessie Nibbler is our clinical herbalist with a passion for incorporating herbs and nutritional supplements for a variety of health conditions. He keeps his mind engaged whether he is working, playing the piano, learning a new language, at the local gym boxing, or helping others optimize wellness. His interests are in supporting clients for stress management, mental acuity, digestion and proper sleep as these he believes are the pillars for overall wellness and holistic care.

Dr. Melody Khorrami

Dr. Melody Khorrami

Pharmacist and Integrative Health Coach

Dr. Melody Khorrami is a pharmacist and integrative nutrition health coach. Her experience spans community pharmacy, medication compounding, ambulatory care, long-term care, and pharmacist-based health coaching. She has successfully implemented and managed a variety of clinical wellness programs in community based pharmacies. She currently serves as the Wellness Program Coordinator and offers one on one and group wellness consultations at the Knowles Apothecary.

Dr. Khorrami practices pharmacist-based health coaching: What is Pharmacist-based health coaching?

Pharmacist-based health coaching is a newer model of pharmacist-patient care. In addition to ensuring patients are taking their medication therapies correctly and in a way that optimizes their outcomes, Pharmacist-based health coaching also looks at how health behavior changes, and habits related to mindset, lifestyle, and nutrition, contribute to better health outcomes. Health coaching focuses on communication and techniques that allow for patients to create lasting lifestyle changes that contribute to their overall well-being.

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