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  1. Old Time Service in Modern Times

    Our focus on customer service is exceptional. Just ask around. Our customers and even our competitors say that our customer service in this industry is not just a motto - it is how we do business. The "old fashioned way of true customer service" does still exist at Knowles.

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  2. Veterinary Services

    At Knowles we treat your pet like one of the family. We work with your veterinarian to create custom compounded medications that are specifically made to suit your pets needs. We offer oral suspensions, capsules and transdermal gels to make dosing your pet less stressful. The vast majority of our oral suspensions can be compounded with flavors such as chicken, fish, beef, and other fruit flavors as well.

    Veterinary Compounding Services.
  3. Compounding

    As a compounding pharmacy, we are able to create customized medications to suit your many needs. From bioidentical hormones, to childrens medications, to pet medications, the highly trained staff at Knowles has both the experience and knowledge to get the job done well.

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  4. Durable Medical Equipment

    We carry a full line of durable medical equipment and home health products.

  5. Stones that Heal

    We offer a select assortment of healing stones and crystals that have been hand picked for their unique properties and energy. Some of the things we carry are: natural rock specimens, mineral orbs and wands, healing stones, crystal pendants, chackra accessories, Himalayan salt lamps and more.

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  6. Knowles Wellness Center

    Visit Knowles Wellness Center for a consultation and to discuss our wellness programs.

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Thank you for coming to the Knowles Apothecary Website. Take advantage of the fantastic, FREE resources that we have provided such as:

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at info@knowleswellness.com or call 301-942-7979.


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